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The Humane Interface Design Enterprise is a student-run organization focused on software development and usability research. Our primary goal is to give our members a headstart in their careers by immersing them in a fun environment where they can gain work experience outside of the classroom.

HIDE alumni are some of the most distinguished Michigan Tech students. Google, Handshake, and Target are just a few of the many places where members have been able to secure jobs.

We have worked on a variety of different projects in the past. From comparing cognitive load while driving with Google Glass and Android, to usability testing a prototype of Chrysler's U-Connect system, to building a crowd-sourced music selection Web App for Winter Carnival. HIDE members have the opportunity to work on unique projects.

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Selected Previous Projects

Music Selector

Its goal was to enable users to upvote songs that they would like to hear during the Winter Carnival All Nighter at Michigan Tech.The top 200 songs were accessible to the Audio Engineering Society so they can further refine their playlist for the event.

Google Glass

In-vehicle mobile device interaction is one of the leading causes of driver distraction, vehicle collisions, and driver fatalities. Proponents of Google Glass argue that Head- Up Displays (HUD) are less distracting than the Head-Down Displays (HDD) style of smartphones. However, until this issue is investigated empirically, all arguments for or against the legality of Google Glass while driving lack credibility. To this end, undergraduate students were recruited to participate in a simulated driving study using a Lane Change Task.


  • Stephen Radachy

    Stephen Radachy

    President / Interim VP Software Engineering

  • Steven Landry

    Steven Landry

    VP Human Factors

  • Kervis Boston

    Kervis Boston

    VP Business Development

  • Bill Doyle

    Bill Doyle

    VP Technology

  • Matthew Wenzel

    Matthew Wenzel


  • Dr. Robert Pastel

    Dr. Robert Pastel

    Faculty Advisor


Our general meetings are Wednesdays from 6-7pm in Rekhi 117. Prospective students are encouraged to attend. For more information, please contact