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About Us

The Humane Interface Design Enterprise is a student-run organization focused on software development and usability research. Our primary goal is to give our members a headstart in their careers by immersing them in a collaborative environment where they can gain real world work experience.

HIDE alumni are some of the most distinguished Michigan Tech students. Google, Handshake, and Target are just a few of the many places where members have been able to secure jobs.

We have worked on a variety of different projects in the past. From comparing cognitive load while driving with Google Glass and Android, to usability testing a prototype of Chrysler's U-Connect system, to building a crowd-sourced music selection Web App for Winter Carnival. HIDE members have the opportunity to work on unique projects.

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Current Projects

Survey Application

A collaboration with USG and Career services to increase feedback in various applications (i.e. on campus, career fair). Easy to use custom interface to create, distribute, and analyze surveys.

MTMC Scheduling Application

A web application for viewing / creating availability, services, users, and appointments for Michigan Tech Learning Centers.

CoCo Temp

Citizen Science Data collection system for micro-climate, research scientists complete data logging system whose feature set focuses on analysis of micro climate temp data.


  • Emily Leopold

    Emily Leopold

    President / Project Team Lead

  • Paul Esch-Laurent

    Paul Esch-Laurent

    Interim Vice President

  • Caden Sumner

    Caden Sumner

    MTMC Scheduling App Team Lead

  • Kyle Bray

    Kyle Bray

    CoCo Temp Team Lead

  • Glory Creed

    Glory Creed


  • Dr. Robert Pastel

    Dr. Robert Pastel

    Faculty Advisor


Our general meetings are Wednesdays from 6-7pm in Rekhi 214. Prospective students are encouraged to attend. For more information, please contact hide-management-l@mtu.edu